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I chatted with a live representative from 4poppers.com and this is the information they gave me:

popperdude : Question
Are you having any shortages of your popper inventory? 
James : How may I help You? 
popperdude : I’ve been having issues buying poppers from other online retailers because of a popper shortage – are you having any shortages? 
James : Yes there is an industry wide shortage but everything shown on our site is in stock so you should order right away. 
popperdude : any idea as to a reason of the industry-wide shortage? 
James : The main manufacturer went out of business. 
popperdude : are you going to go out of business when your stock runs out? 
James : We will try to get another source but there is no telling right now. 
popperdude : ok thanks! I appreciate the information! 

So it appears that this online retailer has poppers in stock and ready for shipment but like the other online retailers they are in the dark about the future. Please pass on my blog information to other popper lovers you may know and have them contact me to link to my blog!!

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