Popper Delivery System

I get asked often is there any better way to get the ‘Aromas’ from the bottle and up your nose- Well I have here a really ingenious way of delivering a hit.  Obviously as you will see from the pictures there has been much thought gone into the mechanics of this ingenious invention.

I think one end goes up your nose or connected to a mask or hood and the dose is controlled with the pump action end? No entirely sure if that’s right but if you figure it out or think any different then leave a comment.



I have just been sent this pic in by a regular follower.  this is what he had to say about the device.

“The black thing is some kind of foot pump, poppers go in the yellow canister when u step on the pump, air is forced into the popper chamber and carries the vapor out into the black breathing bag to fill it with fresh poppers”

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