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Oct 14

Conflicting information regarding PWD from one online retailer who also boasts a NEW RUSH formula

A source sent me the link to a popper online retailer who has posted information regarding PWD’s closure. “Ben” of says: It is rumored that in late August 2010 Great Lakes Products, the makers of PWD Brands of liquid … Read More

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Oct 10

RUSH, HARDWARE lots for bid on eBay

Even more listings of poppers on eBay’s “Mature” auction site/section. It’s kinda tricky to get there. But once there do a search for the actual popper name – not “poppers.” Here’s one selling lots of HARDWARE:

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Sep 09

Popper shops vaporizing: Update on online retailers

So far these online retailers are no longer carrying poppers (head cleaner/liquid aromas) and/or are out of business (this list is not yet complete – if you know of any other sites please leave in comments or email me): like … Read More

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Sep 07

Effects on "illegalizing poppers"

from AllAboutPoppers: “… illegalizing “poppers”, coupled with the media blitz which existed at the time, would make “poppers” the “token sacrafice”, and “legitimize” clearly dangerous drugs. Voller indicated that he’d seen gas chromatographic profiles of the purity of street “poppers”, … Read More

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Sep 06

Anti-Popper myths: Some interesting tidbits

In my research to debunk anti-popper propaganda, I’ve found some interesting articles – snippets of which I will post here: Popper critics lose “credibility” “…the best advice I can give readers is: Don’t take my word for it. Look up … Read More

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