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Feb 15

Body Fluids!

Hi Guys! I just came across this fascinating piece of information and I thought I might share it with you.  Is it Poppers related? Err, no not really but you could argue the information could be used to compare the … Read More

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Sep 08

Poppers Place Forum

Hey guys, The ‘Poppersplace’ Forum is moving from ‘nabble’ and onto our won servers so we can integrate it properly with the Blog.  It will save people having to register with the blog and then with the Forum. Unfortunately, I’m … Read More

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Jul 14

Summer Sale

Summer Sale! 15% OFF everything including the ‘No1 Room Aroma’  poppers, worldwide delivery! Offer ends 7/7/13. *****  OFFER EXTENDED FOR  7 DAYS   ENDS 21/7/13 ***** Enter at checkout CODE: 773344

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May 28

Chinese Poppers

Hi Guys, I have noticed some comments in the forum floating about regarding Chinese Poppers and that has prompted me to make a post here about our research into Chinese Poppers.  Note:- I also deleted the specific topic as I … Read More

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