Conflicting information: Is Cyclohexyl Nitrite part of the Alkyl Nitrite group?

In a post of mine about the history of poppers and then again in a list of poppers and their ingredients, I stated that Cyclohexyl Nitrite was not part of Alkyl Nitrite group putting it in a gray area as far as the legality. Then a reader posted a comment informing me information he had found on Wikipedia that Cyclohexyl Nitrite is indeed part of the Alkyl Nitrite group. So I double-checked my information and have come to the conclusion that both maybe true!

As stated in a 2006 Wikipedia article about poppers:

“…though the status of cyclohexyl nitrite — technically not a member of the class of alkyl nitrites encompassed by the law — remains in question in the United States, as a result of the controversial [[Federal Analog Act]].”

Full article here

However Wikipedia now states:

“The chemical compound cyclohexyl nitrite is an alkyl nitrite made from cyclohexanol.”

Full article here

While Wikipedia is a great source of information, its makeup consists of posts from average volunteers – meaning basically anyone can add or edit information in a Wikipedia post. So it’s difficult – in cases like this post – to really get a solid answer. I will keep digging and see if I can find a more scientific reference to whether or not Cyclohexyl Nitrite is an Alkyl Nitrite.

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