Conflicting information regarding PWD from one online retailer who also boasts a NEW RUSH formula

A source sent me the link to a popper online retailer who has posted information regarding PWD’s closure. “Ben” of says:

It is rumored that in late August 2010 Great Lakes Products, the makers of PWD Brands of liquid Incense, was raided by US Customs for violating some of the US export laws. From what I can determine they were caught attempting to ship some of the PWD product to a military base in Europe. I do not know if this was intentional on the part of PWD or simply an error.

All my other sources say there was no issue with Customs whatsoever and that it was a governmental shut-down due to  PWD was selling and distributing illegal alkyl nitrites. Of course I am still waiting on official word regarding this theory as well.

Ben goes on to say he’s got ties with a “new” manufacturer and a “new formulation of RUSH.” However, this new forumlation is in fact one that has been manufactuerd and sold online for years. The original RUSH contained isobutyl nirtrite which is illegal to sell as a recreational drug. This “new” formulation of RUSH Ben speaks of is made with cyclohexyl nitrite which has been used in poppers and sold online for years. It’s inferior chemically to the other nitrites sold online.

What’s the difference? Alkyl nitrites – i.e.  isobutyl nitrite and isopropyl nitrite are illegal in a certain capacity and cyclohexyl nitrite – a distant chemical cousin of the Alkyl nitrites-  is in a gray area as far was the law goes. Cyclohexyl nitrite kind of snuck through the nitrite bans because it wasn’t in the alkyl nitrite family. So it remains legal to some degree but is still illegal. It’s complicated.

Basically there’s nothing new about this new RUSH. It’s just  a rogue manufacturer that hasn’t yet been shut down packaging a fake version of RUSH using a different chemical. So really it’s NOT RUSH at all.

I made a PDF file of the webpage just in case it happens to change and you can view it by clicking on the image below. You can find the information in the fine print on the bottom of the last page.

The notices on also indicate it’s stock as being targeted by the law as well. Read the notice about how they can’t sell to certain states or “restricted areas” now.

All very interesting to say the least. More to come…

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8 thoughts on “Conflicting information regarding PWD from one online retailer who also boasts a NEW RUSH formula

  1. @ jaymalhivpoz – -also wanted to point out that you use the term “nitrate” instead of the correct “nitrite.” While similar chemically, the nitrites are the ones used in poppers. 🙂

    Thanks again for the comments!

  2. @ jaymalhivpoz Nitrites evaporate VERY quickly when exposed to oxygen. That’s why they don’t stay in the body for long. And I think you hit the nail right on the head – a lot of retailers are still selling really old bottles = low quality. I think that what you’re beginning to see is counterfeit manufacturers starting to produce and distribute counterfeit “PWD brand” labeled poppers with new nitrite concoctions that aren’t necessarily illegal as of yet. This is purely my speculation however. Isopental Nitrite also known as Isoamyl nitrite is HIGHLY flammable and can cause serious explosions (see: I personally have never heard of it being used in poppers – again this may be a sign of counterfeiters trying to skirt the law. Please be careful.