Could "No. 1" from be The Right Stuff??

Recently I had the opportunity to sample some of the poppers from – more specifically their “No.1” formulation. After taking a hit I wondered: “Could this BE the right stuff?!”

What’s “The Right Stuff?” Well, I call whatever comes closest to the real PWD formulation the right stuff. In order to do so the product has to induce that warm familiar feeling we all miss, be smooth yet powerful, relaxing and exciting all at once and the No. 1 formulation comes damn very well close. I was aroused, relaxed, warm, and ready to go after a couple hits and I think its name pretty much says a lot.

So what’s the secret? Well, I don’t tell secrets – but what I can do is remind you that in the UK they have very, very strict standards and laws when it comes to the manufacture and sale of aromas. That being said, Red Light Trading’s No. 1 is not another isopropyl knock-off in MY opinion. Again that’s MY opinion – but have I ever steered you wrong? 🙂

While trying No. 1, I did notice that the pleasurable feeling I got from the aroma was a bit short-lived – only in the time it took to take another hit. This most likely could be from the lack of a “power-pellet”-like preservative which would then result in a minor degradation in potency. Again I stress minor because the samples I tested were still very potent. also sells  a selection of other erotic goodies including prostate massagers (oh yeah!) and my favorite: authentic gas masks! – for that SUPER kink in all of us!

All in all I’d give‘s No.1 a 4/5:

PROS: That warm, pleasurable, familiar feeling
CONS: Possible slight potency degradation

And as always: YMMV (your milage may vary). My experience most likely will not perfectly match your experience. We all have unique biologies that determine how sensitive, etc., our odor receptors are going to be! That’s why some of us like some smells and dislike others. Ya dig?

So head over to today. They have samples of No. 1 that include postage to the US for only £10 (=$16 USD)! The staff is courteous and the shipping prompt. All-in-all a great experience.

Right now they are running a special 10% off! Enter coupon code 887766 to get 10% off your order when spending £30 or more.


DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with My reviews are meant to be fair and honest accounts of my experiences. No guarantees are implied. YMMV (your milage may vary).

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10 thoughts on “Could "No. 1" from be The Right Stuff??

  1. Read other posts. Jungle Juice can be purchased in Canadian sex shops. They won’t ship it to USA. USA shops have various popper brands, but ingredients are dubious and I wouldn’t trust what’s listed on the packaging. For instance, label may say “contains” isobutyl nitrite, but if it doesn’t specify percentage, then don’t assume it to be pure. Anything purchased online these days is a buyer’s beware situation…

  2. I tried that No1 stuff. It was OK, not as short-lived as propyl crap and a lot less headachy. Stayed good longer, too.

    Not as strong as the ‘old stuff’ but bloody good!

    Steep at £8 a bottle, but he’s trying to do something about that.

    Nice guy, too!

  3. I would highly recommend, Good price, service and fast delivery, even give 15% off with the poppersplace discount code.

  4. Popperdue – Still not clear if it is worth ordering UK product from the US. I understand your point that this is pretty good product by UK standards, but does it compare to a US Popshop formulation?

    New Flops – would be interested in hearing more detail about your experiences with PictureBrite. What can you recommend from them? thanks!