Introducing Popper’s Place’s new in-house chemist!

While you all know that I am NOT a chemist, I finally came in contact with a reader who IS a chemist and has studied chemistry for many years and in fact has even made it a point to study poppers. He’s a really nice guy – knows his stuff and know poppers and what makes them tick!

So, if/when you guys have questions about ingredients, chemical make-up of certain popper brands, etc., I will turn to him for his wisdom! This means more accurate information for you!

We’ll call him “The Chemist” for now until he wants to be revealed. So welcome him and his expertise and willingness to help us out on the chemical side of things!

Welcome “The Chemist!”
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One thought on “Introducing Popper’s Place’s new in-house chemist!

  1. While some folks are grieving the demise of PWD and their virtual monopoly on the popper market, it should be seen as an opportunity for enterprising kitchen chemists to develop and market their own boutique brands of high-quality aromas.
    The basic recipe is quite simple:

    Saturate water with sodium nitrite salt and freeze,
    Slowly mix sulfuric acid with pure alcohol and freeze,
    Blend the two mixtures and stir for about 15 minutes,
    Siphon off the top ester layer.
    To absorb imputies and improve shelf life, throw in a few pellets of activated alumina
    (known by some as the ‘power-pack pellet’)

    Since the quantities of the ingredients need not be specific, there is wide latitude to experiment with different blends and fragrances – for example, if you like the aroma of PWD HardWare, you might add a drop of ‘motor oil’ fragrance, available at SaveOnScents –

    I would like to welcome our new friend “The Chemist” to this blog. I would also suggest the creation of a new forum thread, where the The Chemist can interact with us fellow chemists to discuss the various chemicals and processes, with the goal of creating recipes for the world’s most awesome poppers at a fraction of the cost of the traditional shrink-wrapped junk we’ve become accustomed to.