INTRODUCING: – the BEST poppers around!!


These aren’t your regular poppers, these are something new and incredible. I’m helping my friend out by introducing you all to his site & my secret stash – where I get my poppers:

Will you find RUSH? Jungle Juice? Hardware? No. You will find something better – fresh to the last drop, strong as they come, pure “good” nitrite poppers. So what’s the secret? Read on…..

You won’t be disappointed!

The secret is that the owner, Dave, makes them himself. Yes you read right – he makes them using only the best pure alkyl nitrites including isopentyl nitrite + a secret ingredient – that of which even I do not know. But I don’t care because these are the best and I ain’t lying.

So you’re wanting to know “How do they compare?” Well, I can only tell you that these are the only poppers I buy. The old formulas – blah. Dave’s are the best: warm, strong, lasting freshness and no headaches. None of that old crap.

You can even visit his site and find my endorsement on the front page. And I can hear you already: “You’re getting paid to say this.” Um. No. I’m not. What do I get in return? I get Dave helping me with my site when needed. That’s what friends do. And if I didn’t like his poppers, trust me I wouldn’t be buying them or telling you guys about them because I’d get hate mail up the ass!!

These prices won’t last forever!

What’s the catch? There is no catch. Right now you can get small bottles for $7, medium bottles for $8 and large bottles for $12. Too good to be true?? No – but I’m certain these prices aren’t going to last forever once his site catches on. One of my other popper friends and I have told him that he’s getting ripped off selling them at such low prices, but he wants YOU guys to reap the low price benefits to at least try them out before everyone realizes how fucking awesome these are and prices go up!!

Customer Service: excellent. Dave’s a busy man – but he talks to his customers. Don’t be afraid to ask him questions.

Shipping: Fast, discreet and priced right.

Availability: U.S. only as of right now (sorry non-USAer’s). Stock is full so get your orders in NOW.

Why now? Because I get dozens of emails daily asking where to go online for poppers and dozens of comments on where to buy the “good stuff.” I also get about around 1000 hits to my blog a day and 99.5% of them don’t comment – they’re just looking for the good stuff. Well, now everyone knows.

Try them – I can almost guarantee you will not be let down. Everyone I have told so far has fallen in love with these poppers. Now the curtain has been lifted and Dave has authorized me to post about his site. So go there and try them out – and like I said – don’t be afraid to ask Dave questions. You’ll find the email address to customer service on his site.

Enjoy! And let me know how you like them! Even if you don’t like them – let me know! Let Dave know! He makes his product for you guys and is always looking for ways to improve to make you happy!!

OK – end of post now GO!!!


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32 thoughts on “INTRODUCING: – the BEST poppers around!!

  1. Long time lurker (since crisis of August ’10), first time poster. I guess it’s possible I got a bad batch, but these USPOPSHOP Industrial and Silver Label I received about a week ago do not “do it” for me. They also give me worse headaches than I ever remember with anything else. When I used to get Amsterdam or JJ Platinum in the square bottles from Lockerroom of BC, Canada, I used to get a huge high with the nastiest thoughts in my head. I’m sorry to report nothing close using the USPopShop products. I miss the Lockerroom formations.