Is Isopropyl Nitrite So Bad? My experience with

Is isopropyl nitrite so bad?

I ask because recently I was fortunate to have a sample sent to me by the French company and my experience to my surprise wasn’t all that bad.

Now granted isopropyl nitrite is generally disliked by most popper enthusiasts and when I saw that the ingredients to the bottle they sent me of Liquid Burning were isopropyl I wasn’t expecting much – but that didn’t stop me.

While not the best poppers as compared to the
PWD “gold standard” I was pleasantly surprised by their potency.

First the bottle I received was a pretty big bottle with a very wide opening – which I kinda liked. Also, they tout their poppers to be 98% pure (as also seen on the packaging). So, of course, I tried them out. Well, they sure lived up to their name Liquid *burning* because as I took my first hit they were very strong to the point of having a slight burning sensation in my nose. That, however, quickly dissipated and then it hit me – this is where I was pleasantly surprised: I got a major buzz off them. To say they were potent is an understatement. I took a couple more hits and was majorly f’d up.

Since using them a couple weeks ago, I’ve used them about 3-4 additional times and they’ve kept their potency pretty much. I’ve been storing them with the cap tightly screwed on at room temp and I’ve only noticed about a 5-10% reduction in potency.

Although I had a pretty enjoyable experience with Liquid Burning, there were also some things I did not find so enjoyable about them: 1) The odor was pretty strong and smelled like vinegar and 2) the lasting burning sensation in my nostrils. Both points could be the result of a high acidity in the formulation which could be easily “dampened” by adding a pinch or two of baking soda (which acts as a buffer and neutralizes acid). Unfortunately I have yet to try this myself so I cannot report as to the effectiveness.

So my verdict on these isopropyl nitrite poppers:

PROS: Pretty potent, decent effect
CONS: Vinegar-like smell, slight burning sensation 

After emailing the kind owner over at and telling him of my experience he informed me that they are working on some new formulations. All-in-all my experience with their poppers was OK and I at least think they are worth a shot especially for my UK/Europe readers. (See their short advertisement here

NEXT: I’ll be reviewing some poppers from the good folks at Check them out in the meantime. They ship FREE Worldwide! Again, they’ll be isopropyl, but from my recent experience I’ll be looking forward to seeing how they measure up!


I am in no way affiliated with any of the above popper retailers.
Sample(s) were sent at the discretion of the owners of the above listed online retailers.
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10 thoughts on “Is Isopropyl Nitrite So Bad? My experience with

  1. Jungle Juice brands – did some research online and visited their website. They are ONLY made in British Columbia, Canada and contain isobutyl nitrite. I tried to place an order, but they won’t ship to the U.S. The bad Jungle Juice sampler pack I received from a website supplier in VA, states on the label it is from PA, not Canada, so I assume it’s a fake, which is why I suffered horrible side effects. Color was a hazy yellow, not clear colorless like pure isobutyl. And later after my first unpleasant session, if I took tiny intermittent hits, my body could tolerate the side effects better. But they continue to accumulate and I had to be careful not to go too far. Lungs and throat aren’t feeling too good, however.

  2. Isopropyl nitrite starts with decent highs and then quickly degrades into horrible side effects, like extreme tiredness and low blood pressure. It would take hours for me to recover. I’ve never experienced these effects with isobutyl nitrite, which I have made at home. Beware, some onliners are selling isopropyl mixtures while saying they are isobutyl.

  3. Isopropyl still gave me similar fx, it just took me twice as many hits to get there which made me worry about what it could be doing to my health.

    I never got any burns actually. I’m thinking those who got burns got it from liquid on the nose rather than due to vapour.

    If nothing else, you can soak some in tissue and put it in a baby drink dispenser to huff it.