Isopentyl, Isobutyl, Isopropyl, Isoamyl and Butyl nitrites EXPLAINED!

I sent some questions to my Chemist from some readers confused by all the different ingredients in poppers – including isopentyl, isobutyl, isoamyl, butyl and isopropyl nitrites and their differences.



Isopentyl and Isopropyl are two majorly different componds, and do not by no means have the same effects on the user of the products. When you search for Isopentyl the reason you seem to be finding Amyl is becase they are similar compounds. Isopently Nitrite is a synonym for ISOAMYL NITRITE, this is the way it seems to work in the field of science, take a compound and have a million different names for it. ISOAMYL Nitrite is not regulated by the FDA this is why it is becomeing a popular compound to be used in poppers, it is very very similar to Amyl Nitrite but does not necessarily mean that it will have the same europhic effects.

So I guess this holds true to the fact that different compounds work differently for different people.

So hopefully this addresses the first part of the question…………………………………

Next Part:

Q: I was of the understanding that poppers that contained Isobutyl and Butyl Nitrites were no longer available. If they are, where can I get them?

A: Poppers are illegal, nothing else can be said about that, This is why they are marketed as nail polish remover, room Aroma, Head cleaner, Etc. 

Now with that being said, the use of Isobutyl and Butyl Nitrite in these other products which aren’t poppers (Wink, Wink) is not illegal by any means, as long as they are not marketed for human consumption. The reason peope belive that butyl and isobutyl  are controlled is because the FEDS state them in the consumer product ban directly….

Check Here to see

If you take a look at this part it might shed some light on the fact that they only product that is banned is Amyl Nitrite because the FDA Laws go above and beyond this statement….

Are any products exempt from the bans?

Yes. The purpose of the bans is to prevent the manufacture and sale of products that may be inhaled or introduced into the human body to produce euphoric or physical effects. Products that contain any of the nitrites listed above are not banned if the products are produced for any other commercial purpose or for any purpose approved under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

The reason you don’t see them being used is simple economics as I said before, Isobutyl and Butyl Nitrite are hard to get because they cost a tad bit more to make and it is harder for just any old person to get the ingredients to make them. Butyl and Isobutyl alcohol are not something you can just pick up at the pharmacy like Isopropyl Alcohol. Plus look at it this way.. If you are a business and you can make a bottle of Isopropyl Nitrite for 4 dollars for example and a bottle of isobutyl Nitrite for 5.50 what are you normally going to do? Probably make the cheaper one becuase it means a dollar fifty more in your pocket. They dont care that it dosent work as well…..


Hope this helps sort some things out guys! Anymore questions? Please leave in the comments!



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24 thoughts on “Isopentyl, Isobutyl, Isopropyl, Isoamyl and Butyl nitrites EXPLAINED!

  1. For several months I have been making homemade poppers from isobutyl alcohol. Since I don’t know the exact chemical proportions and ideal temps, I can’t get consistent results. Sometimes, I get a brew that smells OK(isn’t irritating to the throat, and gives a pleasant rush. Other times, I get disappointing results. Not sure what all the traits are of a pure product. In any case, my small batches don’t last long, maybe an hour or two at most. Then they lose effect. And of course they are highly acidic since I use sulfuric acid to make them.

  2. I placed an order for this product but they would not ship it to a home address and they asked me what i intended to use it for, when i didnt reply to the email they canceled my order! hope this helps