Isopropyl nitrite and potential eye damage!

Hello Guys!

I’ve just put a post in the Forum regarding this issue and I thought it’d be worth doing a post here too.  (Please add a comment if you have any experience of this from using isopropyl nitrite).

This is what I posted in the Forum earlier.

“There was a recent study done by British scientists from the Royal Bolton Hospital with regards to Poppers use in the UK and a possible link to eye damage.  As it is in the UK the poppers use they were talking about relates to the use of isopropyl nitrite as isobutyl nitrite in the UK is not freely available.

Basically the study found that use of isopropyl nitrite can in some cases cause eye damage.  There is a link below to the full news story on this”.

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5 thoughts on “Isopropyl nitrite and potential eye damage!

  1. I inhaled Xtreme poppers (same as in the report) late at night in a party. Immediately after I woke up next morning I noticed my central vision was strange. Everytime I blink I see this white dot floating in the centre of the image. It is more noticeable in day light or bright surfaces like computer screens and smartphones.
    I can’t recognise people’s faces specially in the sun. I had no idea that it had any connection with poppers, until I found some articles on the internet suggesting so.

    • Jack,
      the white dot is actually the macular part of the eye coming under attack by isopropyl nitrite. The problem with recognising peopele face in bright sunlight is very common notwith cental vision loss, There are reports that isopropyl nitrite eye damage can be reversed by not using

  2. Further thoughts on Iso-Propyl Nitrite eye damage:

    As I mentioned in my previous post, my central vision loss happened in 2008/2009 just around the time Popper manufacturers switched from Butyl to Propyl to comply with EU law, or face the consequences.
    I used many different brands around this time bought from many different sex shops.

    I have continued to use Poppers on occasions, and rarely stray away from one brand. ‘Liquid Gold’.

    According to their website the UK ‘chemical manufacturer’ Perpol their poppers such as ‘Liquid Gold’ contain 70% Iso-Propyl Nitrite.
    I would hazard a guess the remaining 30% is a secret ingredient that they do not have to declare. A trade secret no less!

    I have always found Perpol’s Poppers to have the least unpleasant after effects. i.e. A mild headache and slight fatigue after a 90 minute session.
    Perpol have been making Poppers since the 1970’s, may be they know a thing or two?

    My eyesight has been stable since 2010 and has not got any worse. I have regular tests.
    As I stated previously, eyesight problems are very complex.

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  4. I am absolutely convinced Isopropyl nitrite has damaged my central vision.

    I have been a popper fan since 1994 and actually didn’t know the formula had been changed in Britain from Isobutyl nitrite to Isopropyl nitrite in 2008.

    I had experienced some quite nasty after effects though, which included difficulty breathing the next day and generally feeling lousy.

    I have always bought my poppers from high street sex shops, but noticed a weakening of the effects over the years. The genuine Isobutyl poppers from the 90’s were indeed hot stuff!

    During 2008/2009 When I looked at myself in the mirror during a session and experienced seeing a white spot appearing temporarily in my central vision. This was a bit scary, I had a feeling something was wrong.

    In 2009 after a routine eye test. I was informed my eyesight was abnormal for my age (then 52).
    In fact he said my eyesight was more like that of an 80 year old!

    My optician promptly sent me to one of Britain’s leading eye hospitals.
    I had a LOT of tests over the next year, they couldn’t figure out what it was straight away.

    Eventually I diagnosed with a rare genetic condition – ‘Macular Vitelform Dystrophy’.

    The ‘Macular’ part of the eye is responsible for sharp central vision, which is needed for detailed tasks such as reading, driving, and recognizing faces.

    After a year of tests I suppose they had to come up with something. I personally think this was the nearest condition that could possibly summarise my vision loss.

    I believe the ‘white spot’ which appeared during some sessions was actually wiping out my central vision.

    I’m certainly not suggesting everybody who inhales Isopropyl nitrite will get central vision loss, there may be other factors. Eyesight problems are very complex.

    I may just have been unlucky.