Last Call for Original PWD Products!

I got this email just now:

My apologies to all of you who tried to take advantage of this offer but could not get your order to go through. I have spent the weekend creating a new special PWD temporary store and it is fully operational. You can click on any of the pictures on this page to get to the new store. You can also click here . Thanks for your patience!


Because of our long relationship with the original PWD, we were offered the very last of the remaining original product that was packaged in the PWD plant before the shut-down. It had been tied up in legal issues, but was released and offered to us. For those of you that know, PWD had the best quality available anywhere, and were the largest manufacturer in the world. The original PWD is history, as is their quality.

As most of you know, we have not had any PWD product for a couple of months, so this is a great! Some websites are selling stuff representing it as original PWD, but as those of you who have tried the PPP Rush, you know it is not as good. None of this other fake PWD is as good either, so forget those guys for now. We have THE REAL DEAL!!! REAL PWD PRODUCT FROM THE OLD PLANT!!

Supplies are very limited on some of the items, pretty good on others, but be advised all of this will sell out very quickly, so if you are interested, please act immediately. We have created a special mini-website to handle the sales. It tracks inventory, so if you see it, it is available!! 

All my best, and thanks to all of you for your support!!
This may mark the beginning of a new popper era – as they sell the remaining original PWD products and get ready to open the new We can only hope! Get yours while their still in stock!
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22 thoughts on “Last Call for Original PWD Products!

  1. @Gavin – I believe “Owner” is being fair and honest and is trying his best to help you out and fix whatever problem you may have encountered with his business. He cannot help you if you do not respond to his request to contact him @ his business site. And besides, $13 for a large bottle is very cheap.

    Let’s also show some respect and discreetness when posting and not post peoples’ names.

    Thank you,