Do you remember that “old school” popper freshness? No headaches? Nice, warm and potent? Well, I just happen to come in contact with someone ELSE who is making his own poppers – David @ www.oldbrownbottles.com where he sells only real Amyl Nitrite! The good stuff!

I received a couple bottles from David (yes another David!) at www.OldBrownBottles.com and just tried them out and WOWblast from the past! This stuff reminds me of the good ol’ RUSH back in the day – not watered down – not anything but pure satisfaction! Very potent, no headaches (as he claims on his site) and what you’d expect from quality poppers.

Now I know many of you are going to be asking me to compare USPOPSHOP.com poppers with OLDBROWNBOTTLES.com poppers and here’s what I’ll say: They are two different products and formulas and both have their positives. As far as which one is better? I can’t say because different strokes for different folks. Some of you long for the formula @ www.oldbrownbottles.com and some love the formulas at www.uspopshop.com. You’re gonna just have to try them! But isn’t it great to know someone out there is making pure AMYL!? I know MANY of you are going to love oldbrownbottles.com formula  – trust me – have I let you down yet??

OldBrownBottles.com brings back Amyl Nitrite!

Shipping is a flat rate of $8.50 shipped FedEx ground. Took about 3 days to get my order. He only sells one size bottle – the big bottles @ $16/each and it’s well worth it.

What is amyl nitrite? Amyl nitrite, manufactured by Burroughs Wellcome (now GlaxoSmithKline) and Eli Lilly and Company, was originally sold in small glass ampoules that were crushed to release their vapors, and received the name “poppers” as a result of the popping sound made by crushing the ampoule. It was used to treat angina and cyanide poisoning. Amyl and Butyl nitrite where the “first” poppers on the scene  – later outlawed but now legal *if* not used for human consumption. David sells his as “novelty” only.

So treat yourself and buy a couple bottles! If you love the good old formulas you’re bound to love these!


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21 thoughts on “OLDBROWNBOTTLES.com brings us REAL AMYL!

  1. Had to stop inhaling my rubbing alcohol poppers. Old symptoms started coming back strong. Blue lips, nails, tiredness, muscle fatigue and the feeling I was about to OD if I took one more tiny whiff. The stuff is a potent anal relaxant, however. You’ll be able to take any size, provided you stay conscious long enough to enjoy the ride. There are good reasons isopropyl nitrite wasn’t the preferred inhalant, by either the medical or recreational community. I think the side effects come on stronger and faster. I never felt like I was about to OD on isobutyl.