Out with "Liquid Aroma" and in with "Nail Polish Remover"

New “Nail Polish Remover” labeled
poppers will begin to hit the shelves.

Some of you have posted in comments and in emails to me that you have begun to see poppers with the label “Nail Polish Remover.” At first I had no idea why they were being labeled as such, but according to some great information from a reliable industry insider, I now have the scoop on the label changes.

From what this industry insider has told me, selling poppers containing isobutyl nitrite (the original RUSH formula) is not illegal, but selling/marketing them as “poppers” is against CPSC regulations. In the past to get by these regulations, Joe Miller, the previous owner of PWD, labeled them as “liquid aromas/incense” and “head cleaner,” etc. Now the new owner of PWD is going with something different: “Nail Polish Remover” and so is everyone else.

Apparently all “new” poppers manufactured and distributed will have the “Nail Polish Remover” label on them and many online retailers will be changing their websites accordingly. Some websites will even be changing completely like “Dale’s Nails.” Apparently the changes will be so great that you will most likely even see the word “poppers” excluded from online retailers’ sites and labels.

Why the change? I can only guess it’s to skirt any CPSC regulations as the new PWD brands is ushered in as the old is ushered out.

So, do not be surprised if you start seeing “Nail Polish Remover” on popper labels. And no, they will not contain acetone, in fact they will say “Acetone-free Nail Polish Remover” but they will still contain the infamous popper nitrites (isobutyl, isopentyl, etc).

Hope this clears up some of your questions! More to come….


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14 thoughts on “Out with "Liquid Aroma" and in with "Nail Polish Remover"

  1. While in Canada, I bought some JJ in 10ml bottles. It had the “JJ” logo on the label and said it was distributed by Lockerroom. Contents stated were “Isobutyl Nitrite” and specified as the “original room odorizer”. Smell was moderate, neither sweet nor acrid, perhaps a dry, ARID sensation like ginger ale could be felt in the nostrils when deeply inhaled. Effects were smooth and mild and slowly grew over time. A warmth in the upper body developed with repeated inhalations. Evaporation is rapid. After an hour, half is gone but effects are still the same. Slight bluing of nails seen. No plunge in blood pressure. No visible preservative present. Bottles were full and double wrapped.

  2. Picturebrite isn’t selling nitrites again. I think they have more integrity than most.

    The real JungleJuice is only made by Lockerroom based in British Columbia, Canada. JJ has unique packaging and designs and will NOT SELL to USA. It’s all on their website.

  3. omg! thank you so much for this information this is the first time i see this i guy from boyztown recomended me this well im just married so i didnt know anything about this and i get home and i read the label two days later that its acetone but thanks so much for the information

  4. It was very confusing when I saw nail polish remover label on my new bottle of jungle juice, but it seemed to work the same as always and I ordered mine from picturebrite.com