May 28

Chinese Poppers

Hi Guys,

I have noticed some comments in the forum floating about regarding Chinese Poppers and that has prompted me to make a post here about our research into Chinese Poppers.  Note:- I also deleted the specific topic as I don’t want people to be using stuff that is potentially very unsafe. I hope I will cover everything here.

We ordered some isobutyl from China several times to test the consistency and quality and the results varied a great deal.
One of the first things we did with the sample was to ‘dry’ with anhydrous magnesium sulphate to make sure there wasn’t any moisture in the poppers before we started testing.  Below you will see two pictures.  One picture is showing what Isobutyl nitrite is supposed to look like which is a pale yellowish clear liquid.  The other picture of the bright orange liquid is what we got from China-It was so full of containments that when we tried to dry it it started a reaction and turned it noxious and bright orange in seconds.  The other mixture was from an EU/US supplier that tested perfectly ok and free from moisture and containments.  The difference is more than likely that the US/EU manufacturers do use the pure food grade chemicals to make their products and the Chinese use the lower grade industrial chemicals that contain all sorts impurities, which are not fit for humans to be exposed to.
This blog and forum is not for one particular manufacturer of poppers so any decent EU/US manufacturers are welcome to contribute to this blog and we strongly encourage that but as a responsible person I cannot allow links from this site to products which we have evidence are not made in the correct way and are potentially unsafe.

If you want a quick snapshot of the kind of thing I am taking about the CLICK HERE and read the article about the Chinese fake drugs and this will give you some idea on ethics of Chinese back street labs.

When making chemicals/drugs for human consumption traceability is really important and making sure that what you are making doesn’t contain any harmful trace elements of poisons, heavy metals and the like.  Pharmaceuticals and food products are all regulated and the chemicals that go into them are all as pure as possible because they have to be.  Unfortunately as Poppers are not supposed to be sold for human use there are no such safeguards for the customers and that’s why I believe it’s really important to buy from a reputable source, and from our research China does not have any reputable manufacturers or suppliers that we have found.

Stay safe guys- Look beyond price alone.

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May 16

International Day Against Homophobia.

Hi Guys,
Tomorrow May 17th  is ‘International Day Against Homophobia’, and we’re doing our bit here to promote the cause. Many of you are probably not aware that MAY 17th is international day against homophobia-I know I wasn’t, until doing an internet search.
Two companies that have offered to contribute to this post and offer a discount for all the Poppers Place readers are REDLIGHTTRADING & US POP SHOP  offering 15% off instore.  Both valid for 17th-18th MAY.
Discount codes: coupon code ‘POPPERSPLACE’ (case sensitive and must be logged onto the site to view or purchse poppers from the Herbal/Aromas section).     coupon code ‘popplace15off’
Personally I haven’t encountered a great deal of homophobia in my life but when I have encountered it it has ranged from a general bad attitude towards me to someone threatening physical harm.  Homophobia has no place in society and through education and awareness we can all play a small part in making things better for everyone.
Reading through their website I found the following definitions that I want to share with you.  In particular I like the ‘Two-Spirited person’ definition-Not one I’ve come across before but interesting all the same.
Heterosexism is the belief that everyone is heterosexual and that heterosexuality is the only acceptable way of being. This belief, which relies on the idea that the majority rules and is therefore normal, is often the source of homophobia.
It’s all the negative attitudes that can lead to rejection and to direct or indirect discrimination towards gay men, lesbians, and bisexual, transsexual or transgender people or toward anyone whose physical appearance or behaviour does not fit masculine or feminine stereotypes. The following are variants of homophobia:
    Bi-phobia: aversion towards bisexual people or bisexuality;
    Gayphobia: aversion towards gay men or male homosexuality;
    Lesbophobia: aversion towards lesbian women or female homosexuality.
Transphobia is a negative attitude or feeling, an aversion towards transgender people, transsexuals or people who are transitioning.
Transgender Person
Person who perceives themselves and identifies as belonging to a different sex and who feels the need to live that way. In contrast to a transsexual person, the transgender person refuses gender reassignment or a sex change. Also a transgender person is someone who does not conform to the norm imposed by male and female gender identities; some people consider themselves gender-fluid.
Transsexual Person
Person who has already changed their sex physically or a person who is making that transition through medical treatment or surgery. This transformation is usually irreversible.
Two-spirited Person
A two-spirited person is some who according to Amerindian tradition has two spirits, one female and one male.
Intersex Person
An intersex person is someone who shows physical features of both sexes.
LGBTTI Communities
LGBTTI is an acronym used by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender and Intersex Communities.

Did you know?
The site reveals that the word “faggot” can appear up to 250,000 times in one week on Twitter.


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May 09

New Caretaker of PoppersPlace

Well guys,
Later than expected here I am.  I’m Maverick, the new caretaker of PoppersPlace.  I want to start by thanking Popperdude for all the hard work on creating and maintaining the blog over the years and just so you all know he will be sticking around for a while to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.  I’m sure he will also pop in from time to time to say hello and contribute to the site still.
I want you all to know I’m going to be committed to providing you with some great information on Poppers and the Poppers industry and I’ll be ‘sniffing out’ the best deals for you on your favourite brands and formulas.
I’ve got some great incentives for you all too as we are already compiling a ‘Poppers questionnaire’ of everything poppers, so if you have any questions about poppers from brands to health issues that you want answering then please let us know and we can look at including it in our survey.  The incentive part will be a  ‘FREE BOTTLE’ of Poppers for the first 100 people to fill out the questionnaire, and possibly some spot prizes thereafter but I haven’t negotiated those yet.
Anyway-I’m not going to run before I can walk and I’ll be a while getting used to the blog so bare with me please, and I’ll be adding some great stuff as soon as possible.
Meanwhile please enjoy this great ‘Poppers Parody’ that I’m sure many of you will have heard before.
Any questions you want to ask then please feel free to do so.
Over and Out

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May 01

Changes to Popper’s Place coming soon

Hey all-

Just a quick update:

Maverick will be taking over Popper’s Place very soon – hopefully within the next couple weeks. I know many of you are anxiously awaiting some new content and it will come – just be patient.

I wanted to say thank you to every reader out there who has helped me continue to bring you “everything poppers” since 2010! I’ve received some very nice emails since the announcement that I will be leaving the blog and I appreciate the kind sentiments! Again, I won’t completely disappear – you can always reach me at and I’m sure I’ll be popping in from time to time to say hi and offer any news I can.

It has been a pleasure and I hope you all give Maverick a warm welcome when he takes over!!

Popperdude 😉

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May 01

Readers report problems with

I’ve received some emails from readers who say they’ve had big trouble with‘s customer service. The problem seems to be that when orders are placed there is no confirmation. Emails to customer support go unanswered for weeks as this reader states:

“I have used them before and they are sometimes very slow but this time they blatently ignored me for over 2 weeks…”

In this case the reader reported to me that finally after sending many emails and complaints to the online retailer that they finally did ship his order. He also stated that this wasn’t the first time this had happen and wanted to send out a warning to other potential customers.

I find this disappointing. If you are an online retailer and want to be respected, respect your customers and don’t try to rip them off. Plain and simple. Plus, with all the counterfeits out there, popper enthusiasts are much more concerned and cautious when ordering from an online retailer. Why would an online retailer want to feed into that?

I’m not telling you to NOT buy from, but from the handful of complaints I’ve received it’s enough to raise suspicion and use caution. Document everything!

Thanks guys and gals and be safe, have fun!


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Mar 12

New Life for Popper’s Place

Hello ladies and gents!

Some of you have been wondering and asking what’s going on with Popper’s Place. Well, I’m here to give you the answer: Popper’s Place is changing hands. When? By the end of this month. Why? To breathe new life into the site. I’ve been focusing more and more time on other projects and Popper’s Place has been suffering because of it. I wanted Popper’s Place to go on so I put the word out to a small group of friends and one was eager to continue the blog. He goes by Maverick. He and I have been talking this over for the past 6 months or so with plans to keep the scope of the blog pretty similar while adding fresh, new content from an industry insider. I’ll still be around and may contribute now and then but the torch will be passed and the sole administrator will be Maverick. From what we’ve talked about, the forums will continue and a lot of information regarding poppers in the US and UK will be updated. All current email addresses associated with the site will remain working until Maverick takes over. However, you can always contact ME at Confused? Don’t worry. When Maverick takes over there will be a post of course.

I’ve had a lot of fun over the past three years with Popper’s Place and I’m sad to go, but I’m excited for Maverick and you, the readers, getting new content-FINALLY!!

Love you all

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Mar 01

International Distributor of USPOPSHOP asks for YOUR help!

Read below:


Dear Valued Customer: 

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our service, we invite you to participate in this Service Quality Survey.   

Please send your feedback to us, sort by level what is more important for you? 

1. More convenient way to place an order, new internet site, not only by mail order. 
2. Different ways of payment, not only 
3. Low prices. 
4. Better deals and discounts. 
5. Quality products. 
6. Give us your opinion if we miss something. 

Please send your answers to our email: 

33 participants will get for free our NEW (Over – Drive formula) with next order!

The end of this survey will be on 15.03.2013.


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Dec 27

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys & gals-

Merry Christmas! I apologize for lack of content. Sources just haven’t been a) reliable or b) plentiful as of late. In the coming months you will see some nice changes/additions to Popper’s Place! Thanks for coming back!


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