Popper Charts

WHERE TO BUY YOUR POPPERS! (updated 8/15/11)


DISCLAIMER: “Where to buy your poppers” Chart was compiled using this blog’s readers’ experiences with the websites listed. The gradings of selection and quality in no way infers conclusive customer experiences with the associate online retailer. The chart is meant as a rough guide for those looking to purchase poppers online. It will be updated as more users post/email comments about their experiences.

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  1. shouldn't there be a forum here for posting recipes for home-brewed poppers? if we can't trust retailers, we need to make our own and need a place to share our recipes, results, and sources

  2. Sounds like a lot of inhalers are developing side effects without experiencing any euphoria from the new poppers being sold. Chances are very good the reasons have to do with poorly made poppers and/or poppers made from something other than isobutyl alcohol. When I first made crude poppers from rubbing alcohol, I had horrible symptoms, such as tingling of my face, slurred speech and a sudden drop in blood pressure like the life was being sucked out of me. When I switched to isobutyl, using more refined techniques, I finally was able to get good effects, but I still will turn "blue" with prolonged use and I still will feel fatigue upon exertion, which can last a few days. But I no longer have the coughing and excessive bronchial mucous. Nor do I ever feel like I'm about to faint. To prevent some of these symptoms, it's important for makers to use pure ingredients, mix at the proper temperature, neutralize the acid, and dry – SUCK all the moisture out of the final nitrite. If any of these steps are skipped, you will have worse side effects and they won't last as long, even if sealed. Fresh isobutyl nitrite smells similar to UNSWEETENED ginger ale. Potency depends on freshness and how much sodium nitrite is added to the mix. No government agency is going to ensure the quality of this product, so it's up to ALL inhalers to educate one another.

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