Popper shops vaporizing: Update on online retailers

So far these online retailers are no longer carrying poppers (head cleaner/liquid aromas) and/or are out of business (this list is not yet complete – if you know of any other sites please leave in comments or email me):


rush-poppers.us like many online retailers has a statement regarding low inventory on their homepage:

Some shops are drastically increasing the price of small bottles of RUSH and other brands. Whereas you used to find RUSH for around $8.95-$10.95/bottle some sites are selling for as high as $24.95!

I found an odd site called Dentist.net. They’re actually selling RUSH alongside toothbrushes!

Today I had a conversation with “James” from 4Poppers.com live help:

James : How may I help You?
popperdude : Are you experiencing any shortages of your popper inventory?
James : Yes everything is short but everything on our site currently is in stock and ready to ship.
popperdude : OK great thank you!
James : Yes we are advising people to stock up as most of these products are no longer being manufactured.
popperdude : yeah I read all about PWD going out of business. Do think this is “it” for online retailers?
James : No – I dont really know right now we will just have to wait and see.
popperdude : I hope it isn’t the end. There are many people who enjoy these aromas!
James : Yes I agree.
popperdude : OK thank you for your time!
James : Thanks popperdude – enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Popper shops vaporizing: Update on online retailers

  1. Thanks RedPhillip! I’ve recently gathered a lot more information on this subject including how wholesalers are drying up fast. Keep checking back! And if you’d like to participate in the online chat/Q&A I’m organizing, please answer the poll on the front page! Thanks again!!