Poppers Place Forum

Hi Guys,

The Forum has been moved over to our own servers now.  We are still improving things so bare with us.

In order to use the new Forum you will need to use the same email address that you used for nabble and do a password reset as the passwords were not copied over.  This should give you access to your old posts and you should be able to make new posts.



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3 thoughts on “Poppers Place Forum

  1. Is it possible to do something about all these spam posts? Sadly the forum is now flooded with them. 🙁

    *** On with it as we speak, thanks for letting us know. We are just trying out a few solutions but we haven’t got it right yet. If you see anymore let us know and we can take action straight away -Maverick ***

  2. ALSO, I have been told by the shop I purchase my poppers from that they will soon be UNAVAILABLE as the law has changed natioanlly. Only bootleg underground poppers will be available. What is the bottom line on these rumors. Thanks