POPPERS: Want the "good stuff?" Read on!

Recently I received a question from an anon reader and decided to ask Popper’s Place’s chemist what he thought – interesting stuff read on:


Hey Chemist!!

An anonymous poster left this comment and I’d like your thoughts specifically regarding certain “blends” of poppers as this guy mentions: (see the bolded parts)


“My long term supplier was Fort Troff. I used to buy KUM from them and wow was it awesome. No headaches, floating on air with no pounding head. Did not feel like your head was going to explode. Just smooth sailing. Perfect for taking a fist. Then I find out that Fort Troff no longer sells poppers so two weeks ago I bought KUM from topofthepoppers.com They are horrible. Either one of two things has occurred. Fort Troff was possibly selling an extra special blend (I recall seeing that on their website) not available anywhere else or I got screwed by topofthepoppers because the two products are not the same. I have a recently opened bottle of the Fort Troff KUM product and when I received the new ones from topofthepoppers I compared the rush. Completely different. The topofthepoppers version just made me feel bad. I thought my head was going to explode. The labels say they are the same chemical but they are absolutely not the same. I won’t go with topofthepoppers again but who should I go with? A fool and his money are soon parted, eh?”


Ok this probably isn’t too terribly chemistry related but ill try my best….

I would think that a place that is a reputable place like Fort Troff selling the true KUM poppers which was Isobutyl Nitrite which is a wonderful chemical, they probably were buying manufacturer direct or through a reputable reseller that was selling them true honest to goodness high quality product.

And I would think that topofthepoppers.com is selling a knock off product, if you take notice most of their products they sell contain Isopropyl nitrite, this shit is garbage at least in my option, it smells horrible and does not do very much anything to you, whenI use it I wind up getting bloody noses.

I don’t know who the original manufacture of KUM was but they probably had there own proprietary formula that made their product special to them, and maybe stopped making it but there was still a market for them so places take over making fakes. Just for shits and giggles take a look at their other products they are selling they apear at least to me to not look authentic, for example…

Look at their RUSH:

Appears they are selling fake RUSH as you can see by the label design and ingredients.

You know as well as I do by looking at their pictures that there was only 1!!!!! type of RUSH ever made and it did not look like this product they are selling. RUSH brand was always there proprietary formula based off ISOBUTYL NITRITE and not there crappy Isopropyl Nitrite, WHY WOULD PWD make something that is not as good and call it a UK formula???

It all screams FAKES FAKES FAKES to me!

Look at there ENGLISH they sell, Never seen it packaged this way, Have You? and guess what it also contains Isopropyl Nitrite….

Right now I would imagine the market is just flooded with fake junk, there are so many manufactures makeing sub standard quality products, and most of the time they contain Isopropyl nitrite. This is because isopropyl alcohol is a dirt cheap common available chemical that anyone can get by walking into there grocery store or pharmacy. Unlike true quality manufactures that make products that contain Butyl, and isobutyl nitrite, this stuff is becoming harder to get and find, this is the stuff that has a smooth aroma and will really knock your socks off…

If we were to make a list of the most effective chemicals to produce the good feeling for say, I would rank them something like this…


1   Isobutyl Nitrite
2   Butyl Nitrite
3   amyl nitrite
4   isoamyl nitrite
5   cyclohexyl nitrite
6   hexyl nitrite
7   isopropyl nitrite

I hope this helps address you questions, and once again this is a bit of opinion, if you are a buyer of the topofthepoppers website I hope I have not offended you because that was not my intent I am just telling you total straight talk.

Talk to you soon.


So I hope now at least you guys will know what to look for regarding the ingredients and what NOT to look for! Hope this helps you guys out!!


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  1. If anyone enjoyed the old PWD brands which were ISOBUTYL NITRITE I will point you in the right direction for Isobutyl nitrite poppers of the highest quality. They post to the US, UK and the rest of the EU. If you want more details email bestpoppers@hotmail.co.uk. These are better than anything you will find on the Market today. Try them and you be the judge…

  2. If you look at the picture of Rush listed here it says UK blend, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Isobutyl Nitrite was banned in the UK so to make up for it a lot of manufactures started using Isopropyl Nitrite which is the reason for the “sucky” part, I could be wrong but I’m 90%

  3. I’ve been getting “Rush” from a shop in London and it does seem to be weaker than it used to be. The label says “alkyl Nitrite”. I can’t find any refernces to this on your site. Can you help? 🙂

  4. …I have ordered poppers from many sites listed here…all have been crap!….Where are the good poppers????