Question from a reader – Help me out with your experiences!

I was reading responses to my blog survey and found this comment/question:

“I wanted to know where to buy poppers that had the same formula that gave me a rush. I know that the rush it is subjective depending on the buyer. However, Is there another bottle that has the same active ingredient as the OLD rush…that hasn’t been altered?”

First, the original RUSH contained isobutyl nitrite, however since the shutdown of PWD, there have been an increase in counterfeit RUSH “aromas.” From my research, these fakes contain cyclohexyl nitrite which has been deemed inferior to isobutyl nitrite by readers of this blog in their comments and emails to me.

However, from what I know, there still are poppers out there containing isobutyl nitrite -but where to find them? That’s the hard part and the part I need help with. If you know of an online retailer selling poppers containing isobutyl nitrite, leave it in the comments – along with your opinions on the quality, strength, smell, effects, etc.

And if I find out anything – I of course will post it!

Thanks readers for your comments, suggestions, etc! I appreciate the feedback!

-Popperdude 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Question from a reader – Help me out with your experiences!

  1. I used to love the “English” poppers but since they’ve changed to the crap stuff I don’t bother buying them anymore. Why couldn’t the European suppliers just change the name to Nail polish remover or something similar. And what makes it worse is that it was a gay organisation that got it banned. Maybe they just wanted gay people to go onto the harder stuff like crystal meth.

    Jason, London.

  2. Glad I found this site! The current popper situation is a real mess. I guess I’m ‘off-topic’ as I live in NYC, and have never ordered on-line, since there were so many reliable sources of quality stuff in the city. Not any more. So far as the in-store retail end is concerned, everything for sale in NYC now is pure garbage (has been since late October), and prices are now jacked way up for the useless stuff being sold. Bottom line; on-line or in-store, we’re all screwed for the time being. The only people that would level with me and explained the situation were the folks at The Leather Man in the Village. They’re a class outfit and not about to BS customers like all the other shop owners I’ve been dealing with have been trying to do (according to these other guys, the change in quality was all in my imagination-yeah, right). Oh well, my last little indulgence is gone (hopefully just temporarily; maybe someone will step in and fill the void with a quality product again). Anyway, GREAT site/blog; very helpful and informative. BTW, tried to find the ‘chat’ feature mentioned without success-it’s probably right under my no-longer sniffing poppers nose (I refuse to waste another dime on the garbage out there until this situation changes). Sorry for the little rant, but it helps to share my frustration with folks who understand. Thanks again for this great blog! (BTW, Iron Horse used to do it for me, I guess we all have/had our favorites!)