Reader shares his first time – #1

My first experience was at a ‘dirty’ bookstore (York Book) in downtown New Haven, Connecticut back in 1981. That’s when poppers were room-spinning good!!!! I bought a bottle and went into a dark booth. As soon as I got the bottle opened, a big beautiful cock appeared through the glory hole. I took one deep hit, wrapped my lips around that big piece of meat and went into a deep trance of poppers and cock. I passed him the bottle through the glory hole and he exploded in my mouth. From that point on, I was hooked. For over 30 years I have enjoyed the benefits of getting off with poppers. And with the onset of cam bating via ooVoo and vidchat (and Skype to a lesser degree), my experiences with like-minded popper huffers has been nothing but superlative. In my mind, there is no sex better than all-male group cam popperbating. NOTHING better! 

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2 thoughts on “Reader shares his first time – #1

  1. is it possible to search for oovoo groups? or, if your a member of some to get a name or invite to one?