Readers report problems with

I’ve received some emails from readers who say they’ve had big trouble with‘s customer service. The problem seems to be that when orders are placed there is no confirmation. Emails to customer support go unanswered for weeks as this reader states:

“I have used them before and they are sometimes very slow but this time they blatently ignored me for over 2 weeks…”

In this case the reader reported to me that finally after sending many emails and complaints to the online retailer that they finally did ship his order. He also stated that this wasn’t the first time this had happen and wanted to send out a warning to other potential customers.

I find this disappointing. If you are an online retailer and want to be respected, respect your customers and don’t try to rip them off. Plain and simple. Plus, with all the counterfeits out there, popper enthusiasts are much more concerned and cautious when ordering from an online retailer. Why would an online retailer want to feed into that?

I’m not telling you to NOT buy from, but from the handful of complaints I’ve received it’s enough to raise suspicion and use caution. Document everything!

Thanks guys and gals and be safe, have fun!


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