So, are poppers really that bad for you?

I’m sure many if not all popper enthusiasts have asked themselves this and have come across varying opinions and snippets of “proof” towards one school of thought and “proof” towards another school of thought. So, even though he is not a medical professional, I asked my friend and chemist his thoughts on “how dangerous poppers might be?

“In my opinion I think they are NOT very dangerous and NOT all that harmful. Anyhow as far as the dangers of poppers, I will have to quote a few things here:”

QUOTE 1   

“The most common toxic effect is headache, reported by 43% of users on at least one occasion. However, most of the users most of the time do not have headaches. In a survey of 255 experienced users (Lowry 1979c), 10% had experienced nasal irritation at least once and five percent had experienced nausea or temporary loss of erection. These negative effects were usually associated with “overuse” or with certain brands, perhaps reflecting a product quality or storage problem.”


“Toxicology begins with the truism, “Anything which feels that good must be bad for you.” Happily, the ratio of pleasure to harm is more favorable for the nitrites than for most other psychoactive chemicals. Approximately 250 million recreational doses a year are consumed in this country and there have been no known deaths from inhalation.”


“Using a recording spirometer, Swenson (1978) studied 20 males who averaged four poppers a day for seven years. The results were compared with a nonuser control group. There were no significant differences between the lung function of the two groups, even though the nitrite-using group smoked much more tobacco and marijuana than the control group.”

I would imagine as long as they are used in moderation and not severely abused they are no worse for your body then smoking or drinking. Perhaps smoking and drinking might even have more detrimental effect on one’s mind then the the use of poppers, smoking also reduces oxygen content in ones blood up to as much 15% I have read. Plus smoking contributes to over 250,000 deaths a year. I am sure poppers can’t claim the same fame as smoking. 

P.S Not that i am trying to pick on people who smoke, but just trying to make a point….

So you need to be the judge on the topic, it appears to me there is no in depth studies ever conducted about the topic….”

So, all you enthusiasts, this is not the last word, but I thought it worth posting because at least a real chemist would have more authority on the subject than I. You can agree or disagree – this is but one opinion – one that I happen to agree with.


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