Uk Poppers Ban Government Petition

Hi Guys,poppers ban petition

As you will have seen from the previous posts on here the UK Government are introducing a blanket ban on all ‘psychoactive substances’.  in this they want to include Poppers despite advice to the contrary  from the ACMD which is the government body set up  to advise them on the misuse of drugs.

Despite the ACMD report suggesting an exemption for Poppers and various other groups and organisations such as the National Aids Trust and Stonewall all advocating the exemption the government want to press ahead with a ban.

There has been a petition set up in defense of the use of poppers and I urge all UK residents to sign the petition and send a message to government to listen to the people.  After all the government are there to work for the people (in theory anyway).

Please click the image or follow this link to sign the petition for the Government to keep its hands off our Poppers.




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