UK poppers!

Many of my readers are form the UK and in search of some pure isobutyl nitrite poppers. I received an email from the owner of a small company that sells and ships these poppers all across the EU countries. More details? Read on….

“The product I have is second to none and is surely a PWD grade product.  The isobutyl nitrite is produced in a very large chemical plant to the highest standards, and once made is tested to ascertain the assay of each batch and because of the precise production methods employed each batch in >98.5% pure isobutyl nitrite which is good as the standard for isobutyl nitrite is 95%.  I have provided this for many people in the UK at present and have had a fair amount of enquiries from the US and orders too.”

I haven’t tried these poppers, but they sound delicious to me!

” Just to be clear though the quality is second to none as these are produced in chemical lab to the highest standards and each batch is thoroughly tested to make sure it is of the best quality.  I don’t charge the earth either so they are not much more expensive than the crap stuff.”

Want to try them out?  —–> Email
I am in no way affiliated with this company and I have not had the chance to try these poppers out. YOUR MILAGE MAY VARY! Don’t blame me if you buy some and you don’t like them!!
Have fun and be safe!
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9 thoughts on “UK poppers!

  1. I too have ordered from him no problem. He was helpful and sent the stuff quickly, well packed. It seems pretty good and to be honest, better than 99% of anything that’s around now. One huff and the hit creeps up very slowly. Slight chems after smell but very good. I can only speak as I find and I found goods and service fine but you pays ya money and takes a chance!

  2. OK I am the “guinea pig” who posted earlier.

    I could not get the bottles immediately as I was told they were all gone and he would get back to me within 2 weeks.

    I must admit I was a little suspect. Maybe it was a scammer lying in wait for multiple orders all at the same time to rip everyone off before the alarm could be raised.

    In any case I didn’t mind risking money on 4 bottles, it’s worth the risk.

    He was very courteous and happy to answer my emails, I must’ve been a right pain in the arse but I wanted to check all the way. From what he wrote, he clearly knew his stuff about isobutyl, talking about the bottle types and stuff – honestly I never got any bad feelings, I just thought “this must be too good to be true”.

    Anyway, today it came recorded delivery in a jiffy bag. The bottles were wrapped in almost inch diameter type bubble wrap very well.

    The bottles are brown and they feature a cap that ensures a tight seal with one of those plastic cone things that comes down from the top of the cap (better than on usual poppers actually).

    I immediately had a wank to see if they worked. Wow!

    Couple of whiffs alone and I really felt the strength, I was careful not to go too crazy at first.

    These seem just like poppers of old to me, just as strong.

    You may be wondering: could they be isopropyl or isopentyl? Well I have only tried isopropyl once and it was weak. These were strong and they felt just like regular old poppers to me i.e. amazing. So I am 99% sure they are the real deal but don’t blame me if you order 50 and are pissed off, by all means order a small quantity first to test until there are more reviews here.

    I am happy to recommend this. Any questions then leave them here and I will testify as a customer.

    Top man!

  3. I have contacted Richard and got an immediate response, will be buying a couple of bottles after payday and will let you all know.

  4. I have also emailed Richard and got an immediate response, will be buying a couple of bottles after pay day and will let you all know.