Why the focus on UK retailers?

The answer is simple: UK’ers like their poppers!! Actually in all seriousness, a handful of UK retailers approached me to review their products. And even though the UK has strict laws regarding the manufacturing and sale of poppers, there is fierce competition among popper retailers and the market is strong.

“Well they can only produce and sell isopropyl nitrites in the UK so their poppers must all be the same so how can the market be so strong?” Because that’s all they really have to choose from – legally. And no, from my experiences with samples from the UK they are not all the same. I’m no chemist, but one I know has explained to me that the popper’s effects are more than just the specific nitrites. There are other chemicals in there that can effect potency, odor, and overall effectiveness of the experience when inhaling. For example: some of the UK poppers I’ve tried start out strong but quickly lose effectiveness. Some are very strong and last long but have an unappealing odor. And some are so stinky it takes forever to get the smell out of your bedroom sheets!

Still, many UK popper enthusiasts are in the same boat as those here in the USA searching for “the good old stuff.” and unfortunately “the good old stuff” is a holy grail we may never see…err…smell again. But there are new formulations on the horizon that are coming extremely close but so far to only those in the USA for now.

If you want to check out some of my reviews of various UK popper brands, you can find them in some of the more recent posts below. I also will be posting some more UK reviews soon along with some discount codes for readers of Popper’s Place and followers of @popperdude on Twitter. And for you USA popper retailers reading this (and trust me I know you are) send me an email popperdude01@gmail.com or a DM on Twitter! Don’t be shy!!

Be safe everyone and have fun!



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