Your Popper Preferences: Top 10 List

I’ve had readers ask for a list of users’ popper preferences. While I do not have a lot of data from readers, I’ve put together a rough Top 10 list from what I’ve received in comments and emails. Please feel free to leave your favorite popper brand(s) in the comments so I can make the list better!! Thanks!!

1. RUSH (PWD Original formula: Isobutyl Nitrite)
2. English
3. Hardware (PWD formula)
4. Jungle Juice
5. Bolt (PWD formula)
6. LockerRoom
7. Quicksilver
8. Amsterdam
9. IronHorse
10. Man Scent

Seems like the original PWD formulation of RUSH continues to be the #1 favorite of my readers. English comes in at #2 – as one of my favorites as well. It’s got a unique classic scent and is very potent. I highly recommend it. Other classic PWD brands are favorites as well not to mention Jungle Juice and Amsterdam. I’ve had some frantic comments/questions about where to get Hardware because it was thee best and couldn’t live without it!! LOL! Anyway, I hope this helps out – and if you want to add your top picks, please leave a comment!!


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18 thoughts on “Your Popper Preferences: Top 10 List

  1. What happened to Brazil? came in a big mouth bottle. had a sweet smell to it. cant see it anywhere. plus I dont think anyone has Isobutyl Nitrite formula do they?

    used to be amyl nitrate then Isobutyl Nitrite but now something weaker.